MEMBER 1999 - PRESENT: Hillside Coalition of Laborers For Apalachicola, Inc.
This Coalition is a nonprofit organization, working toward the betterment of the local African-American
community.  The Coalition's mission is to bring the stakeholders in the Black Community together in the
spirit of oneness to address the host of inter-generational issues that have kept the community from

MEMBER 2001 - PRESENT: Overall Extension Advisory Council
This Council serves in an advisory capacity to the Franklin County UF/IFAS Extension Director in Developing
the overall Franklin County UF/IFAS Extension Program.  It also identifies problem areas that Extension
could address and establishing program priorities.  The Council assist with developing & implementing
Extension programs, to assist with informing clientele, support groups and the general public about
Franklin County UF/IFAS Extension programs, activities and accomplishments and assists with building
support for Franklin County UF/IFAS Extension Programs.

MEMBER 2004 - 2007: Franklin County Tourist Development Council
This Council subscribes to a tourist development tax that is equably assessed, effectively administered and
fairly distributed in such a way as to enhance the promotion of tourism in Franklin County and provide for
a mechanism to allow tourists to assist in contributing to the cost of services that will benefit both tourist
and resident alike.

MEMBER 2004 - PRESENT: Apalachicola Waterfronts Committee
This Committee was sanctioned by the City of Apalachicola, created by and administered through the
Apalachicola Bay Chamber of Commerce.  Through this public, private partnership the committee set out
to draft a plan that would consider the revitalization of the Apalachicola waterfront.  The strategy was to
revive the waterfront as a center for shopping, entertainment, culture, and employment.

MEMBER 2006 - PRESENT: Franklin County Black Bear Management Initiative
This committee was formed by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission in conjunction with
members from local government and the general public.  The purpose of the committee was to find ways
to minimize human and bear conflicts after reports of a bear being sited in the schoolyard at Carrabelle
High School.

MEMBER 2007 - PRESENT: Florida League of Mayors
The Florida League of Mayors is the official nonpartisan organization of mayors in the state of Florida.
Created in November 2005, during an Orlando meeting of members of the Florida League of Cities, it is a
comprehensive association for all mayors.  The primary goal of the League is to provide a platform and
outreach for a powerful tier of established and emerging leaders to speak out on issues of urgent interest
to the citizens in their cities.

MEMBER 2008 - 2009: Apalachee Regional Planning Council
The regional planning council is recognized as Florida's only multi-purpose regional entity that is in a
position to plan for and coordinate intergovernmental solutions to growth-related problems on
greater-than-local issues, provide technical assistance to local governments, and meet other needs of the
communities in each region.